Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare has announced the Government’s 5 objectives under its redirection policy to sustain and grow an inclusive broad-based economy.

According to the Prime Minister, this will be achieved through efficient management, utilization, and protection of the country’s natural resources.

These are;

1. Update legislative framework that governs the utilization of resources for maximum economic benefit. As such, the Government is committed to bring the new Forestry Bill and Mines and Minerals Bill to Parliament.

2. To increase value added products from the natural resources and sustainably manage the ecosystem to optimize their economic as well as ecological functions.

3. To put in place and operationalize an efficient legal framework of services delivery to rural resources owners, promoting secure investment for socio-economic development and poverty reduction.

4. To ensure that development in Solomon Islands is undertaken in a manner that inflicts minimal damage to the environment and building resilience to threats posed by global pandemic, climate change and natural disasters.

5. To improve tax regime that contributes optimally and sustainably to the national income and to the social economic welfare of the community through efficient legal framework.

The Prime Minister stated, “Solomon Islands has enough natural resources in our ocean, land and sky. DCGA recognises that economic sustenance and the efficacy of government services delivery remain adamant to the immediate, medium and long-term survival of our economy.”

“The sustainable utilization and management of our resources in strategic production by investing into key economic infrastructure, such as efficient transport by road and sea, EEZ, manufacturing and processing industries, are significant to the outcome we expect.” Prime Minister Sogavare said.

DCGA government aims to ensure that natural resources and environment are utilized and managed productively in support of equitable and sustained national development with maximum economic benefits.

DCGA is fully committed to the fulfillment of its policy priorities in the interest of national stability and economic empowerment.

Source: OPMC