Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has announced his Government’s commitment in establishing major sporting projects in the country.

Mr Lilo made the announcement when he officially launched the start of the two week long, 5th Solomon Games in Tulagi yesterday.

The Prime Minister said two major projects the Government is looking at and is committed in achieving are a National Stadium and a National Sports Institute.

In regards to the National Stadium, the Prime Minister said the current Government believes there are unlimited benefits in Solomon Islands hosting regional and international sports competitions.

Mr Lilo said our people have faithfully contributed to the national responsibility of sending our athletes to regional and international competitions; however they have been denied of enjoying the true spirit of what such an event brings to its people.

“It is for that reason that to be able to bid for such an event Solomon Islands must have a National Stadium – a modern sporting facility that would place our chances to win the bid to host such an event,” he said.

Prime Minister Lilo said we have proved ourselves with the Festival of Pacific Arts (FOPA) and the only limitation we have now is a modern sports facility and we will strive towards achieving that.

Regarding the National Sports Institute, Mr. Lilo said he believes in what a school of excellence can bring for our athletes.

“Sport is not only about running, kicking and throwing or swimming. It has a lot to it. A good sports person must be mentally, physically, psychologically and spiritually fit. Hence, proper training is of paramount importance,” he said.

Therefore, Mr. Lilo said in order to achieve that, Solomon Islands must have a sports institute where young enthusiastic athletes can learn the art of their sports and able to master them.

Mr. Lilo proposed that Tulagi, with its new facilities could play host to that national policy, and to do that additional facilities could be further developed on the old capital as it does not need to be located in Honiara.

“The Government through the ministry of home affairs will be holding further discussions with the Central Islands Provincial Government on the idea after the Games. Tulagi is only an hour away from Honiara by boat, and already with the new facilities individual sports federations can use them to run their own competitions or have their camps here,” he said.

However, the Prime Minister said other provinces would also be encouraged to bid for that.


Press Release, OPMC