With the newly completed power supply sub-station at the white river area, business houses and private users have been expecting an improvement to the power failures; sadly that is not the case.

"All the fixing and improvements that has been taking place hasn't even changed the power problems, there has not been much improvement at all," says Mr. Fran Joe Oge, a long time resident of West Honiara.

"Whatever happened to the improvements that has been taking place?...the Electricity Authority should warn us before cutting power," said Ms Rina, a canteen owner. "Our frozen goods will not be fit for consumption, this is unacceptable"

While it may be true that power supply should improve with the addition of new sub-stations, the Solomon Islands Electricity Authority said in a statement that the engine at the main Lungga power station is currently under repair. "Spare parts have been ordered from overseas suppliers, but we do not know when they would arrive," the statement reads.

For the past two days most of the CBD district was without power from about 8am to about 9.30am.