RAMSI is pleased to announce it has raised $165,000 for the Pink Ribbon Charity drive, the Commander of the Participating Police Force (CPPF), Denis McDermott, said today.

The money was raised as a result of the inaugural Pink Ribbon Charity Dinner and a number of auctions and raffles held during the following week.

"This is a remarkable achievement on the behalf of all those who contributed to the cause," said Commander McDermott. "From Honiara and Australian businesses, to individual donations, to those who bought tickets for the dinner, many people have come together to make the Pink Ribbon charity a success."

RAMSI is now working with the First Lady's Charity to identify suitable projects that can be used to help fight cancer in Solomon Islands women.

Speaking at the Pink Ribbon dinner, Patron, Lady Alice Ole Waena, said that the First Lady Charity was looking forward to working with RAMSI on this new initiative.

RAMSI had, on October 22, hosted a Pink Ribbon Charity Dinner with the aim of not only increasing awareness of women's cancer in Solomon Islands, but also to raise money to help fight the disease.

While traditionally Pink Ribbon Day in other countries has helped to raise money for breast cancer research, in the Solomon Islands the event also included other forms of cancer affecting women.