First we have the Mango season and then the 'Kabarai' season and as Christmas nears, the Pineapple season is also back!

Market vendors stated that during the months of November to February, the Pineapple is in abundance and also at its best.

And as we approach the festive season, we should expect to see more of those yummy pineapples on dinner tables and the lovely local dishes with touches of pineapples.

"This is a great timing, especially heading towards a time when feasting will be held every other day. The prices are reasonable and anyone can get fresh pineapples ranging from $10 and below," says Martha Minaeko'e of East Kolaridge.

During pineapple off seasons, a small Pineapple will range from $15 to $25, often not affordable by many.

"We enjoy the Pineapple season, as we know we will have Pineapple juice and Pineapple pie," says 10 year old Alice Isonia of Tuvaruhu.

A market vendor stated that during the year, many farmers clear about 10 to 20 hectares to farm their Pineapples particularly for the Christmas period adding that it is a time when Pineapples are in highest demand.

Market Vendors also stated that most of them travel far to sell their Pineapples particularly those from the Malaita Province, as according to them, the Malaitan Pineapples are the most favoured by customers.