The Ministry of Rural Development plans to install twenty-five email stations in the rural Solomon Islands.

People First Network Supervisor, Selina Boso, revealed the plan to Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua during his visit to their ministry this month.

The Ministry has taken over the PFNet from the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening.

Ms. Boso says that so far, there are eighteen email stations in the rural areas which has improved communications within the rural Solomon Islands to the outside world.

She said that to install the additional email stationes will cost 2.5 million dollars.

A fully funded project, PFNet is self supporting as users pay to send emails using the stations and its hub internet cafe in Honiara.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister's Press Secretary quotes Dr. Sikua as stating that the PFNet project is "an important one" as it links the rural villages to national capital Honiara, their provincial headquarters and the wider world.