People around burns creek and Lunga areas made their last harvest of what is left of their garden from the heavy rain and flood last night.

With little to harvest, they are worried about what to eat for the next three to four days.

Selina, residing near the SWIM area says their garden which will sustain them for another three months has just been washed away and with the little harvest they made this morning it would not last them even for a week.

She calls on responsible authorities to see for themselves the destruction on their food crops and vegetation and support them with basic necessities.

Fred, a grandfather who lives with his daughter, said that this is one of the worst flooding as far as he could recall. "I have been living here for almost ten years, and I can't remember this place being this flooded," he said. "I am just trying to look for what I can find, I hope to find some of the potatoes, and I think they may have been washed down not too far from here."

The National Disaster Management Office, NDMO, say that they are doing all they can to assess the extent of the damages, and respond accordingly. "The important thing is most of the villagers near Lunga are now safe in Rove, and food are being supplied," said an officer of the NDMO.