Health Minister, Dr. Culwick Togamana, says it is concerning to note that people are no longer taking COVID-19 health measures seriously.

He says the rate of infection is not showing signs of slowing, and such a lux attitude will put the most vulnerable in our families and communities at risk.

“It is sad to say that people are no longer taking the COVID-19 health measures seriously, passing through our feeder roads in Honiara I can see children and youths playing soccer, I also noticed the other day people playing basketball.

“We still need to think of our elderly and those with underlying medical conditions at home. Let us not be complacent with the virus,” the Health Minister said during his daily COVID-19 situation report on the national broadcaster, SIBC.

He admits that with the fast spreading community outbreak the fragile health care system is at risk of becoming overwhelmed.

He says that health promotion teams, both at the national and provincial levels, will continue to disseminate COVID-19 public health messages through various communication modes.

The Health Minister says that it is important that the public pay attention to these health messages and follow them strictly.

The police had also recently warned betelnut and roadside vendors of the consequences for breaching public health orders. Yet, in most of Honiara, people are still selling betelnut and roadside vendors continue unabated.

There are currently 5,565 positive cases of COVID-19 in the country, but the numbers are said to be significantly higher because of limitations in our testing capacity. Officially, there have been 68 confirmed deaths from COVID-19.