The Livelihood Sector Committee (LSC) of the National Disaster Operation Committee (N-DOC) today condemn in its strongest term the action of certain individuals going around collecting SBD$5 fees from households before they can receive food relief assistance currently distributed to households in Honiara’s Emergency Zone.

A community member of Lunga told the LSC food relief distribution team that certain individuals within the Lunga Community have been collecting SBD$5 fees from each household, and that unless a household pays the amount, they will not have their names recorded in the list for the next round of food relief assistance from the Livelihood Committee.

In condemning this illegitimate act, The Chair of the Livelihood Committee Michael Ho’ota advised that LSC does not collect nor charge anyone in order to receive food relief, neither has it appointed any community livelihood committee person or persons to represent and act on its behalf to collect money from households.

“This is food relief. It is provided for by private sector and Donor Partners and is free of charge.”

Ho’ota further warned the public to refrain from getting lured and not to allow themselves to be deceived by such opportunist individuals or groups.

He therefore call on the public that if anyone has information or is aware of anyone doing such practice to please report him or her to the nearest Police Station.

The food relief distribution in Honiara’s Emergency Zone is now winding down and so far around 32,000 household has been assisted with relief food support in response to last month 4-days lockdown and the current Covid-19 restrictions.

The Livelihood Committee therefore, acknowledged the assistance provided by donor partners, business houses in Honiara, Market Vendor Association, churches and individuals who have stepped in with food assistance and logistic support during this challenging times as the country continued its fight against Covid-19.

The LSC is co-led by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL), Ministry of Fisheries and Honiara City Council together with other stakeholders and partners. The Committee is working closely with Honiara City Council on the food delivery mechanism.

Source: MAL Media