Chief Electoral Officer, Mr Polycarp Haununu, is urging people to look out for the draft voters' list and help the Electoral Commission make a better list for the National General Election.

Starting from today, people have only 10 days to check the list posted in their area and tell a registration official if there are any problems that need correction.

"The Electoral Commission is calling on the nation to check the draft voters' list to make sure people are registered to vote in one place only, with name only in their place of residence," Mr Haununu said.

Mr Haununu said that under the current law, the Electoral Commission needed people who wanted a free and fair election to rid the list of double registrations and make sure all eligible voters can vote one time only in their place of residence."

"The timetable set out in law for identifying problems with the draft list is very short and relies on community support," Mr Haununu said.

"People have just 10 days to advise registration officials of any changes that need to be made to the draft list by submitting a claim of omission or objection."

The draft list is made by adding new names according to completed registration forms, and removing old names where people told registration officials that a person had died or moved to another place.

"Under current laws, the Electoral Commission alone cannot rid the voters' list of corruption for the upcoming election; that is why we are calling on the good citizens of Solomon Islands to check the draft voters' list."

Mr Haununu said registration officials will advise people with concerns about what forms they needed to fill in and the steps they need to take according to the current laws.

People can also listen to Electoral Commission service messages, and SIBC awareness programs on Saturday at 7.10pm or Tuesday at 7.45am for more information and updates.