The Pentecost Star is a four-page weekly newsletter that supplies the people of Pentecost with news and information and is completely handwritten.

As reported by the Vanuatu Daily Post, the Pentecost Star is an initiative of Keithly Hango, a former Trading Post newspaper boy from Pentecost, who has been handwriting the all the issues since launching it 'eight months ago from Aronbwaratu'.

Each issue is written in English and comes out every Saturday. Hango leaves the issues at 'Sara airport for people to read, at Saratamata Penama Provincial Government Council and he has taken a copy to Port Vila for public awareness and potential marketing purposes'.

According to the report, Hango's 'only tools are pen, paper, ruler and a stapler and staples all of which he buys himself. "I saw a great need to disseminate interesting, factual information to the people of Pentecost and I had a dream that God willing, I would launch a newspaper to tell the people what was happening. It took me almost 20 years to carry the dream through," he said'.

The report adds that Hango says, "It is a pilot project and I am confident I have made the connections that I need to be able to produce a more interesting newsletter but I do not have the necessary tools and equipment to be able to proceed to the next stage".

'The main reason for Hango's visit to Port Vila is to promote the newsletter to the people of Pentecost and look at seeking assistance to help him develop Pentecost Star'.

Solomon Times Online congratulates Mr. Hango for his exemplary efforts in undertaking such an initiative and wishes him all the best.