Two weeks ago, the Solomon Islands Police carried out an operation on road education for the public.

Police were stationed at every bus stop directing buses and pedestrians as well as educating them on road safety.

However, as soon as the police were out of the way, the public are at it again-crossing the road at their own will.

Solomon Times took to the main market to interview some people as to why they do not use the underpass to cross the road.

According to Mr. Joe Norman, from GPPOL 2, the people do not want to use the underpass as it is not situated directly across the market.

"People do not want to walk 20 meters down the road just to cross the road and then 20 meters back to go to the market. If it was situated across the market then more people would use it. Most times, those going to the market are in a rush, which is why they often just cross the road where the bus stop is," he says

"Many people carry heavy things to the market, and walking a few meters to the underpass is not convenient for many," says Albert Guruani from Naha.

"I want to use the underpass, however, it is quite enclosed and often it stinks as many members of the public have misused it. We would rather cross the road rather than walk down a tunnel that stinks," says Anna Uliama, from Rifle Range.

Many members of the public acknowledged the hard work of the police; however, they do not think the emphasis put in by the police will work, unless the Police are always stationed at the bus stop across the market.