Good behaviour describes New Year celebrations throughout Solomon Islands.

Members of the public had been praised for good behaviour during the festive celebrations of the New Year's eve.

Assistant Police Commissioner Operations, Robert Piringisau, told SIBC news that apart from a few scuffles and arrests caused by a few drunkards, the overall behaviour by the members of the public was generally good.

A stroll through the streets saw near empty streets as most remained indoors.

Honiara residents took the time to celebrate with family members and friends as time ticked to midnight.

Packed night spots around the capital, Honiara, saw good behaviour with everyone just out to have a good time.

In Rove area, children of police officers took a short parade from the clinic down to the Rove grounds, welcoming the early hours of 2008.

Horns tooting, drums beating and firework displays indicated a new year dawning.

Reports coming from the provinces also indicated a general good behaviour.