Hundreds of patients suffering from flu like symptoms are unhappy with the level of response by health authorities in the past few weeks.

In what appears to be a flu outbreak, patients at the National Referral Hospital say that the hospital was obviously ill prepared to respond to such an outbreak.

"Just look at this, we have been here since 10 this morning, it's now close to 2pm, my daughter is still to see a doctor," said Grace, who was visibly tired and upset.

"We came here the previous night and there was only one nurse on duty, how can she possibly cope with all these patients," said another.

Hundreds of sick patients, most if not all suffering from flu like symptoms, have had to lie on benches outside the National Referral Hospital, in crowded conditions, waiting for a doctor.

Health authorities say that their resources has been stretched thin, given that most have had to attend to other clinics, while some have fallen ill themselves.