A SSEC Church leader who has lived in Australia for the past twenty years, Pastor Roy Funu, has challenged the SSEC church in Solomon Islands about living as Christians, particularly in this day and age.

Pastor Roy was speaking during the ordination of Reverend Bishop Mathias Lima and his Vice Pastor Stanley Aitorea at the SSEC Honiara Central Church recently.

Pastor Roy said "our Christian maturity is going to be tested when we move out to the community out there because that is where our Christian maturity is going to be challenged."

"But it is out there in the community; where we live and where we work that we need to shine out to make an impact and God relies on you to be the salt and light out there," Pastor Roy said.

He also said that Christians have to be rooted in the Word and he reminded the members of the SSEC church about the Word which "we have learnt from our former leaders."

Challenging the new Reverend Bishop, Pastor Roy referred to Apostle Paul's letter to young Timothy in the Book of Timothy Chapter 1 verse 11 in which Paul describes his role as being a "Herald, an Apostle, and a Teacher."

A Herald he said is someone who ran at the forefront with good news, while an Apostle is there to embrace his flocks, a teacher teaches the truth about the Word of God.

To the congregation, Pastor Roy said that we are living in "evil days" where it is difficult to live as Christians out there and calling on Christians to stand firm.

He told the congregation that "we are living in a generation where increasing challenges will be faced by Christians. This is more so when five different phenomena may soon come together, that of religion, economics, politics, wars, and natural disasters."

SOURCE: National Express