A career guide program for young people was successfully held in the month of May.

Hosted by Pasifiki HR, activities for the Career Guide program were shared via online platforms.

Project Coordinator Dr. Edgar Pollard said Career Guide is aimed at helping young people especially high school students identify the types of job suitable for them.

“This platform basically is to help young people or anyone identify the job suitable for them. We have been carrying out activities via different mediums throughout the month of May”, Dr. Pollard said.

Activities in the career guide program include interviews with young people in different works of life, discussion around employment, quizzes and other online activities.

“We have planned to go out to the provinces but because of the pandemic we only did what we are doing now and we will slowly work with other career masters”.

Dr. Pollard said the career guide platform will remain with Pasifiki HR and they will continue to carry out similar activities to assist young people.

For the month of May alone, Pasifiki HR has seen an increase in visitors to their site.

“15,000 visited the site, just for the month of May”, Pollard said.

In countries overseas career guidance is an important part of a students journey. It is a process that would enable young people to know the path one needs to follow.

Being ready and having everything pre-planned will make ones life simpler - and a greater chance of success in ones chosen field. A lot of students in the country still lack such awareness.

Pasifiki HR is hoping to carry this program to the provinces soon.

Career Guide Project was funded by DFAT.