Tri-Marine, a European company would most likely be the new partner to the Soltai Fishing and Processing Company Limited.

The involvement of Tri-Marine is a move to salvage Soltai despite the many attempts by the two major shareholders to keep it afloat on their own. Western Province and the National Government will be required to sell their shares to make this happen.

Tri-Marine has been working closely with Soltai for quite sometime and deals mainly with certifyng the products of the company before export.

Tri-Marine is a privately owned tuna supply company with focus on supply of tuna and tuna products. They operate in the Western Pacific and the Eastern Tropical Pacific. (

Currently the Western Province holds 40% of the shares while the National Government holds 51% of the shares.

The Deputy Board Chairman of Soltai and Western Provincial Premier, Alex Lokopio confirmed this report saying that the Provincial Executive would need to call a meeting to decide how much of their shares they would need to sell.

Tuna is currently the second leading export commodity of the Solomon Islands.