Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare stated in his nationwide address today that the Speaker of Parliament has been notified to re-convene Parliament on Monday 6th April 2020.

He says the reconvening of Parliament is purposely to extend the current State of Public Emergency.

The Prime Minister also assured the public that the government is making steady progress in its preparedness and response plan for COVID 19. He says the process of preparing and responding to the negative effects of COVID 19 is progressing well.

The Prime Minister says that in terms of the economy the Ministry of Finance is consolidating all relevant information and are consulting closely with the private sector and donor partners to look at a comprehensive economic stimulus package.

Solomon Islands is still one of few countries with no case of COVID 19. He says this is an encouragement to all those in the front line and for the general public.

Sogavare says that the public must refrain from spreading rumours and speculation – and that the police will arrest those that do.