Parliament will resume today with the main order of business being the extension of the current state of emergency which will expire soon.

The motion of no confidence will be debated at a later date, needing 7 clear days after submission. Opposition Leader Mathew Wale submitted the notice for a motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare on Saturday. The earliest Parliament can convene to consider the motion is mid next week.

The Opposition Leader admits he does not have the numbers for such a motion to pass, but says what the country needs is a political solution.

To date the government appears to be intact, with only three of its MPs resigning.

The three MPs are Member for West New Georgia/Vona Vona Hon. Silas Tausinga, Member for North Malaita Hon. Levi Senley Filualea, & Member for Malaita Outer Islands Hon. Martin Kealoe. At least eleven more Members would need to resign for the motion to succeed.

Two others have reportedly resigned, although this has not been confirmed. 

There are concerns within Opposition circles that the Prime Minister may adjourn Parliament to next year, which would give him time to consolidate his group.

There is now some normalcy in the Capital Honiara, thanks largely to the presesnce of the Australian forces supported by PNG.

Sogavare is now back in control, where he will choose to steer the nation remains to be seen. Will he let the democratic process take it's natural course and allow the Opposition to table it's no confidence motion? Or will he  do what the Opposition are now speculating, adjourn Parliament for a later date? 

He has been defiant the past few days, stating that if he is to be removed it will be on the floor of Parliament.