The national parliament will resume for its last meeting 11th March 2010.

The National Express reports that the government plans to introduce six bills during the final Parliament meeting.

This includes a constitutional amendment bill aimed at facilitating aspects of the government's proposed political parties integrity bill, designed to govern the registration and administration of political parties in Solomon Islands.

Under the constitution, the government will need to secure an absolute majority, or at least 33 of the current 50 MPs, to get the constitutional amendment passed through Parliament.

Prime Minister Dr. Derek Sikua is quoted as stating his government has the support of 41 MPs in the current House, but admits that it has not always been easy to get them support government businesses.

The Prime Minister however says that it is still possible to secure the number to get government businesses passed through Parliament, as shown the record number of anew laws and amendments in which the government has been able to get through the current Parliament.

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