The Solomon Islands National Parliament has been adjourned for Monday the 18th of August.

This is to allow the Bills and Legislation Committee to conduct its inquiry into the Provincial Government (Amendment) Bill and the Solomon Islands National University (Amendment) Bill.

Meanwhile, a total of three bills was tabled this morning, including the Family Protection Bill.

The other two were the Provincial Government (Amendment) Bill and the Business Names Bill.

Speaker of Parliament, Sir Allan Kemakeza told Members of Parliament more bills are expected to be tabled before Parliament dissolves in early September.

“I know the government, as I said earlier, has some more business to brought before the house for the Honourable Members to deliberate on and this are very important national issues, before the Parliament actually dissolves on the 8th of September 2014 and looking forward we have a very busy schedule ahead of us for this meeting, and I kindly ask all Honourable Members to be in time, attend the meetings and deliberate on the business before the house. God bless you all and God bless our country Solomon Islands.”