A parade was held at the Lawson Tama this morning to honour the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester and to commemorate the 30th Independence Anniversary of the Solomon Islands.

Lawson Tama was brightly decorated in Blue, Yellow and Green this morning for the Parade. Crowds of people flocked the grounds to watch the impressive parade.

His Royal Highness, the Duke of Gloucester made an inspection of guard of honor together with the acting commissioner of police, Mr. Peter Marshall. During the ceremony this morning, HRH the Duke of Gloucester called for 'The three Happy Cheers for Her Majesty the Queen'.

This was then followed by the presentation of Honors and Awards 2008 and the Star of Solomon Islands awards by the Governor General to the Duke of Gloucester.

Speaking during the ceremony, Sir Nathaniel Waena said that "The Royal visit is a commemoration of the 30th Anniversary of Solomon Islands as a sovereign democratic State and is a happy time for the Solomon Islands. This Royal visit will be an opportunity to see the diversity of the country and to see how much Solomon Islands have developed over time."

In response to the Governor General's speech, the Duke of Gloucester stated that he takes into consideration that this is a second Royal visit after 30 years since the first independence on the 7th of July 1978, and he is very happy to have come back on this second visit.

"I am very honored to have received the Star of the Solomon Islands Award and when I return to my homeland, this award will always remind me of the beautiful Solomon Islands," continues the Duke of Gloucester

Above all, the Duke of Gloucester stated that the visit is an opportunity for him and the Duchess to revive the friendship between Britain and the Solomon Islands and also to hear of the Solomon Island's plans for the future.