The GCC government's intention to make sweeping changes to the constitution is boosted with the inclusion of four MPs from the opposition.

People Alliance Party Parliamentary leader Mr. Clement Kengava said today that PAP has joined the GCC government.

Mr. Kengava said that PAP had given the okay to its parliamentarians to accept appointments from the government if they are offered any.

"As individual we were advised to take up appointments if the government offers it us"

In a recent move to see that major government policy areas are pushed forward, the PM has used his power to make appointments, most of them Parliamentarians, to oversee the implementation.

When questioned why they decided to move across to the government, Mr. Kengava said that there is no use staying in the opposition when most of their policies are inline with the current government's policies.

He then attacked its former alliance the Association of Independent Members (AIM) as having nothing to offer the nation. He accused the leader of opposition of not being able to show leadership to the opposition.

A call was made to the Prime Minister's office to confirm the move and sources within the PMO were stated that most of the PAP parliamentarians plus Samuel Manetoali had indicated their interest in taking up the appointments. This however, was not confirmed by the opposition leader, Fred Fono.

Sources within PAP say that only two of the current PAP members are left the opposition. Sir Allan Kemakeza and Billy Hilly have made it clear that they will remain in the current opposition grouping.