Longest surviving Political Party in the country, the People's Alliance Party, will hold an extraordinary meeting in Honiara at the weekend.

Party President, James Mekab, says the meeting will discuss among other things, its position in the parliamentary Opposition.

He says the PAP has been in a state of confusion following the withdrawal of the PAP Parliamentary wing leader and MP for North East Choiseul, Clement Kengava, from the Opposition and the recent defection to the government by the MP for Shortlands Islands Augustine Taneko.

But the PAP president, Mr. Mekab says he is certain the meeting will arrive not only at an amicable decision as to the party's position in the Opposition but also discuss overall reforms and review.

He says it is also likely that new Executive members will be elected at the meeting.

James Mekab stated that since there has been no official withdrawal by Mr. Kengava from the party it is important that his position is made clear during the meeting.

Mr. Mekab went on to say that everything now depends on the decision made during the meeting on Saturday.