A People's Alliance Party, PAP, government will remove and radically change the budgetary framework as it is "a complete insult to the people of Solomon Islands."

The party's lawyer, Andrew Nori, says remedial measures will be taken by a PAP government to address this situation.

He says this includes reducing the number of ministries to a sustainable level and reducing payroll by 20 percent per annum for the next four years.

Mr Nori says another measure is assisting provinces in capacity building to allow them take a "leading role in rural area development activities through increased financial allocations."

He says a PAP government will also develop a government budget which will be based on real and assessed provincial budget requirements.

Mr Nori said a PAP government will set up Provincial Development Councils in all provinces to monitor, administer and manage a new policy of fiscal decentralization.

He says the councils will consist of executive members, national MPs, selected women and youth leaders and selected community leaders.