As the sun rises over the vibrant city of Honiara, anticipation hangs thick in the air on the monumental Day 10 of the Sol2023 Pacific Games.

A colossal lineup of 13 sports is gearing up for their grand finales, promising a day packed with heart-pounding action and unforgettable moments.

The early morning echoes with the splash of water at the Aquatic Centre, marking the commencement of the triathlon men's and women's finals. Starting at 7 am, athletes will dive into the swimming leg before taking to the roads of Honiara for the grueling running and cycling segments. To witness this spectacle, a Sport City day ticket ($30) or a pass is your golden key to the Aquatic Centre.

Meanwhile, Honiara's National Stadium becomes a battleground for track and field enthusiasts from 4:15 pm onwards. The fourth day of athletics showcases the sheer prowess of athletes in events such as the women's 1500m, women's 100m hurdles, men's 110m hurdles, and the 4x400m relay for both men and women.

Simultaneously, the field events promise their own brand of excitement with women's shot put, javelin, triple jump, and men's discuss and long jump. A Sport City day ticket ($30) or a pass opens the gates to this arena of athletic excellence.

The Aquatic Centre transforms into a boxing arena from 1 pm, where fighters will clash in fly and super heavyweight for men and feather and welterweight for women. The punches will land, and the crowd will roar in this display of strength and strategy. Secure your ringside seat with a Sport City day ticket ($30) or a pass.

Friendship Hall will host netball extravaganza until 6 pm, where the court becomes a stage for skill, speed, and precision, and a Sport City day ticket ($30) or a pass grants you access.

SIFF Academy emerges as a sports hub, with basketball 3x3 and beach volleyball engaging in intense pool matches throughout the day. The competition is fierce, and the atmosphere electric. Tickets for these captivating events are priced at $30.

Over at the National Hockey Centre, hockey takes center stage with final pool matches in the morning and riveting semi-finals starting at 2 pm. The sticks clash, and goals soar in a symphony of skill and strategy. Entry to witness this spectacle is $30.

SIFF Academy also hosts powerlifting, where the final four categories in men's 93kg, 105kg, 120kg, and 120kg+ promise a showcase of raw strength. Medals are up for grabs, and entry is $30.

DC Park unfolds as a haven for touch rugby enthusiasts, with the mixed competitions kicking off on Thursday afternoon. Nine matches are on the agenda, and the best part? Entry is absolutely free.

The waters at DC Park come alive with va'a and kayak competitions, showcasing incredible paddling prowess. Va'a nears its conclusion after days of thrilling racing, while the first-ever Pacific Games kayak competition concludes on Thursday. Entry is free, so don't miss the chance to witness waterborne excellence.

Sailing enthusiasts can head to DC Park, weather permitting, where races will run until around 4 pm. The sails billow, and the boats cut through the water in a mesmerizing display of nautical skill. Entry is free.

The National Tennis Centre hosts the climax of tennis competitions, with the finals of men and women's singles and doubles. Nations collide in intense showdowns, with Samoa facing PNG in the women's singles and New Caledonia taking on Tahiti in the men's singles. The doubles finals feature Samoa against Solomon Islands in the women's category and Fiji battling Tuvalu in the men's category. A Sport City day ticket ($30) or a pass is your gateway to this tennis extravaganza.

Football resumes its fervor after a day off on Wednesday, with three men's placing play-off matches at SIFF Academy. Teams fight for pride and position, and entry is $30.

As the Sol2023 Pacific Games hurtle towards their conclusion, Day 10 stands as a golden opportunity to savor the last drops of sporting ecstasy.

Grab your tickets, rally your cheers, and immerse yourself in a day where champions are crowned, records are shattered, and the spirit of competition reaches its zenith. Don't miss your chance to be a part of history in the making!


Source: Pacific Games News Service