One of Honiara's busiest hotels will soon re-open for business on July 2007. This was revealed by one of the construction foreman at the hotel site.

The Pacific Casino was one of the buildings blazed during the unfortunate events of the April riots. Owner, Patrick Leong, has been since hard at work reconstructing the hotel to its former Stately stature.

The foreman said that all the construction groups are working very hard, renovating and rebuilding the hotel. The foreman said sixty rooms will be completed by July. Of the sixty rooms, fourteen rooms will be made especially for Very Important People (VIP) and forty six to cater for tourists or visitors. The hotel can accommodate up to one hundred and twenty guests.

In related news, the Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau has revealed that the demand for temporary accomodation within the capital Honiara has skyrocketed this year. With the rise in seminars and major regional conferences hosted in Honiara, the Bureau stated that it appears the demand will continue to rise.