The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has started inquiries into the NCRA government's SBD$2 billion dollar budget.

The NCRA government's first budget is proposing an appropriation bill of SBD$2,031,527,804 for this year.

The government's total recurrent estimates stand at SBD$1.4 billion dollars, while its development expenditure is estimated at SBD$497.7 million dollars.

Ministries that appeared before the Committee yesterday included the Finance and Treasury Ministry, Development, Planning and Aid Coordination, Home Affairs, Rural Development and Indigenous Affairs and the Women, Youth and Family Affairs.

Ministries appearing before the Committee today include Public Service, Auditor General's Office, Prime Minister's Office and Cabinet, National Parliament, Foreign Affairs & External Trade and Immigration.

Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary of Finance and Treasury Shadrach Fanega has described the proposed 2011 National Budget as a 'credible' budget aiming to improve the quality of government expenditure.

The Permanent Secretary said the budget wants to reduce public waste, increase efficiency in public expenditure, ensure government ministries are properly resourced, build infrastructure and lay foundations for growth as its theme suggests.

He told the Committee that the government has established a Public Expenditure Analysis Section in the Ministry's Budget Support Unit to drive these improvements.

The Public Expenditure Analysis Section was established last year and is funded by the World Bank.