They want to act like them, they want to talk like them. We are talking about the youths of Honiara who are, these days, going out of their way to be like their movie icons.

It could be the clothes they wear, the way they turn their caps, the way they walk and at most times the way they talk with hand gestures to touch up the personality.

"These are young people who should worry more about their education than wanting to look and act like 2 Pac, or Snoop Dogg or whoever these actors are," an elderly, John Otta commented.

It could be an actor in movies or famous international singers, young people are going all out with fake gold chains hanging the huge dollar sign and "limp walking" as Mr. Otta described.

Some may be walking in groups donned with 'diamond' earrings and "trousers that almost falls off" to spiked gloves and all-black outfit that depicts the grunge circle.

"These young people, especially boys, do not know the first thing of being in a real situation of these people they are imitating," Mr. Otta said.

While it may not seem harmful, being categorized in different groups according to interests has caused division among a lot of youths in town.

Maybelle Lino from Savo said that the growing competition among different youth interests is now becoming a worry as they get more and more serious with their groupings.

"This is a worry for us mothers because we constantly wonder where our children are and who they are with," Mrs. Lino said.