A fourteen (14) day period issued to outgoing MPs to return government vehicles was due over the weekend and the Ministry of Infrastructure Development is seeking legal advice from the Attorney General's Chambers to retrieve the vehicles.

Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, John Ta'aru said his office is expecting advice from the Attorney General's Chambers at close of business on Monday 10th May.

He also clarified that those former MPs who opted to purchase these vehicles can do so under the Parliamentary Entitlements Regulations (PER) 42(5).

However, any decision to sell the vehicles to former MPs shall be made by a Committee Comprising of the Permanent Secretary of Finance and Treasury, Secretary to the Prime Minister and Cabinet and the Permanent Secretary of Infrastructure Development.

Mr Ta'aru explained that any decision can only be made if vehicle inspections and valuations are completed by officials of his Ministry.

Inspection and valuation is yet to take place since outgoing MPs are yet to bring in vehicles for inspections.

MID requested AG Chambers' advice on whether or not to proceed with vehicle retrieval and that there will be no legal confrontation.

MID will act accordingly as soon as advice is received from the Attorney General's Chambers.

Source: Press Release, Government Communications Unit