Solomon Islands local young talents, "Zara" from the Isabel province, are a three man band that's currently dominating airplay in most FM stations in the country.

Speaking to one of the vocalist of Zara, Mr. Pado Clifford said that the band was formed "due to the lack of job opportunities in the country, so music in turn has kept us busy."

Pado said that the Zara band started from just "sitting in the market stalls with friends and a guitar...October 2007 was when we had the courage to record which made it to the top"

"It was abit weird to have such a strong following in such a short time, especially in the night clubs when we a doing our gigs to entertain in clubs" quipped Pado.
He went on to say that being a hit in town has encouraged them to be more productive, they are spending more time composing their our own songs.

However, Pado feels that there needs to be more support given to aspiring young musicians. "There is a huge need for greater improvement in the local music industry, particularly the association of local musicians...there is a need for us to be more proactive in raising the standard to appeal to overseas market" said Pado.

Pado also feels that music is more than just a hobby, "our voice is our money, we should train young people to sing, and write lyrics because it is also a job...we earn our money through singing and selling of our albums."

Pado encourage other youths to take up an interest in music "to avoid involving illegal activities which could be a very dangerous habit."

The three piece band Zara focuses mainly on island-style music but Pado said "that it wouldn't stop them from doing other categories in music."