Solomon Islands Our Telekom engineers are currently working at their hardest to get a few things before the country will operate on the new telecommunication system which will include 2G, 2.5G and 3G servers.

Telekom's Senior Marketing and Public Relations Officer, Lawrence Nodua, says this new system which the country is impatiently waiting for, will offer much better services, not only in making mobile calls, but also in accessing the internet.

Mr Nodua says the engineers are working on few problems in the western province.

While the senior marketing public relations officers cannot give an exact date of launching the new system, he assures the country that it will be soon.

The general public has been complaining at the quality of service provide by Telekom. "You would be lucky to get through on you first call," says one mobile user. Telekom has stated that the system "simply cannot cope with the level of demand, hence the need to expand."

Users in Honiara and the provinces are waiting patiently for the promised faster new network. "It would be a great disappointment if nothing changes, I think Telekom is raising a lot of expectations, so we hope they deliver this time" said another user.