Our Telekom warden officers have received certificates on the basics of fire fighting.

Speaking at the presentation, Chief Executive Officer, Martyn Robinson, acknowledged the assistance of the Fire Service of Solomon Islands in training his staff.

The training was carried out early last year by overseas professionals during March, 2006 at the Ranadi Telekom training centre.

Mr. Robinson said that the training has equipped Our Telekom staff involved on how to handle fire emergency within the offices.

He said that with a lot of people depending on the fire brigade to attend to all fire incidents, the training is a benefit for Our Telekom.

Mr. Robinson urged those who have undergone the training to help create a safe environment for Our Telekom staff in protection against fire hazards.

Also speaking at the presentation, Chief Operation Officer, Loyley Ngira, said the additional curriculum in their training is good for their staff.

"I want to encourage those who are trained to put into practice what has been taught on how to manage and treat fire," Mr. Ngira said.

He acknowledged the fire brigade for the training provided to Our Telekom staff.

Director of Fire Service, John Koloni, said the hand-over of certificates is the first of its kind, even though they have given similar training to other stakeholders.

He reminded everyone that the impact of fire is a great loss and urges those with certificates to grade their company as first priority.

Commenting on the training, one participant, Sheena Odogari, said: "This training is really good because in most offices in town, there are fire extinguishers but most do not know how to use it even though it's very basic."