Our Telekom, on Tuesday, donated two mobile handsets worth $1,380 in support of a charity Golf Day.

The Australian Defence Cooperation in Honiara will hold an Ambrose Golf Competition on the 23rd of this month to raise funds to assist youth representatives in the country, who will be attending the XX111 World Youth Day event in Sydney on the 15th to 20th July next year.

The event is expected to attract up to 600,000 young people from over 150 countries.

Solomon Islands has set an ambitious target of 300 youths selected from all provinces and different religious denominations to participate in this World Youth Day event.

Our Telekom expects that this donation will assist the Defence Cooperation Personnel to make this planned event a success and is pleased to support the young people in the country to participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Defence Adviser, Mr. Ron Baumgart, on behalf of the Defence Cooperation personnel conveyed his thanks to the company's generous support.

Defence Attaché Assistant, Mr. Mike Winter, at the presentation confirmed that the teams for the golf competition were full but donations are still accepted.