Our Telekom has announced that an after tax profit of SBD$33-million dollars was made last year.

The National Provident Fund which owns 65 percent of the shares in the company received SBD$19-point-6million dollars dividend from the company.

Speaking after the announcement of Telekom's dividend payment of SBD$19 million to NPF, general manager Tony Makabo stated in an interview with SIBC that his board of trustees regards Solomon Telekom as a vital investment for NPF's members.

"Our Telekom is our company and the NPF members are very happy and proud of this investment," said Makabo. "Telekom has worked very hard to build a fine company and competition should not be allowed to recklessly destroy the investment which is in the hands of Solomon Islanders."

The national government has also collected over SBD$40-million dollars in tax revenue from Our Telekom's business last year.