Our Telekom donated a prepaid mobile phone yesterday, in support of the Solo Idol programme.

The donation was presented to the National Coordinator of the Solo Idol programme, Mr. Charles Ratu by Our Telekom Assistant Marketing Manager Mrs Rachel Rahii at the Point Cruz Telekom Sales office.

This is the second time Our Telekom has donated to the Solo Idol.

The recent donation will go towards the overall winner of the Solo Idol Young Executive Category.

Our Telekom had previously donated a prepaid mobile phone towards the overall winner of the Senior Executive Category.

Mr. Charles Ratu said the donation showcases the good moral support of Our Telekom towards the young people in our country and the recognition of their singing talents.

"The company has been supporting the Solo Idol programme since 2006 and its part of our nation building," said Ratu.

Ms Rachel Rahii said Our Telekom is proud to assist young people of Solomon Islands to improve their talents through sports and other social activities like the Solo Idol competition.

"We see this as an opportunity to invest back into the wider community as expected of us while supporting a worthwhile cause. That is why we are called Our Telekom," Ms Rahii said.

The Solo Idol singing competition will end this Sunday 7th of September with a presentation of the prizes to the winners.