Our Telekom and ANZ signed a milestone agreement which will directly lead to the expansion of financial services and telecommunication to more Solomon Islanders.

Our Telekom Chief Executive, Martyn Robinson, said, "ANZ's commitment to providing banking services to more rural people of Solomon Islands is generating tremendous excitement in the community. And we are very pleased to supply the Bank's total communications needs and to partner with ANZ on this exciting development."

This agreement will directly lead to the deployment of new and innovative technology such as ATMs, EFTPOS, BillPay and Internet Banking to rural and remote Solomon Islanders. These ANZ services will allow people to access their balance, undertake transactions such as deposits and withdrawals, pay bills such as Telekom, SIEA and remit funds overseas by telegraphic transfer.

Teachers, police and nurses will soon be able to access their wages 24/7 through the new ATMs without having to leave their duties. Ordinary Solomon Islanders will be able to conduct their banking without incurring the high cost of traveling great distances. Businesses will be able to use Internet banking to transact across islands and across countries.

ANZ Acting general manager, Owen Thomson, said "This agreement will directly contribute to Community through the provision of services such as rural savings products, micro finance and financial literacy training to the doorstep of villages, schools and community centres."