The President of Solomon Islands Democratic Party (SIDP), Dr. Alice Aruhe’eta Pollard calls on the National Government to revamp much needed resources at the National Referral Hospital and attend to challenges such as limited resources, limited space, unhygienic environment and crowded wards.

“Despite the challenges brought about by Covid-19, we must also remember that NRH, which deals with other diseases that have been killing our people for years, is struggling to save lives.

“Our professional doctors, Nurses and Health providers are doing their best with passion, commitment, patience, and love to provide the necessary services required to meet the needs of our sick people. I congratulate them for that,” says President Pollard.

The SIDP President however believes that the country’s National Referral Hospital should be a better and cleaner place for our doctors, nurses, and patients to live and work.

“Our NRH should be a place where lives are saved and healed and where it provides hope for sick patients. Our government needs to prioritise and invest in our health systems and NRH.

“I therefore call upon the government to attend immediately to the growing demand and pressure on our NRH. Our people are dying unnecessarily every day instead of being saved. NRH do not have the needed right equipment and drugs nor a healthy environment for our health providers to work,” Dr. Pollard added.

She went on to further add that, “We cannot allow our NRH to continue this way nor we cannot turn a blind eye or deaf ears to the poor work environment and issues experienced by our doctors and nurses. They labour tirelessly”.

“I believe that all of us, despite our gender, age, ethnicity, positions etc, will sooner or later end up at the NRH. It is only a matter of time. It is our only national referral hospital, yet it is likened to an abandoned child or neglected child by our National government.

“Our NRH is deteriorating every day. This is not good for Solomon Islands and its people. I humbly call on our responsible government to act now and address this,” the SIDP President said.

Source: Press Release SIDP