The policy statement of the 'Coalition for National Unity and Rural Advancement' stated that the Grand Coalition for Change Government's policies were put on the back-burner.

MP for East Are' Are, Honorable Edward Huni'ehu, claimed that even the well-supported and much-talked about 'Bottom-Up Approach' policy was abandoned.

Mr. Huni'ehu said that the Prime Minister spent most of the time protecting his friend, the Attorney General, Mr. Julian Moti.

He stated that for the sake of Mr. Moti, the Prime Minister had "spent more than a million dollars of Solomon Islands' revenue for the AG's up-keep".

"The major problem with the Bottom-Up Approach was that when all the other expenses were accounted for, there was little money left for the BUA policy," said Mr. Huni'ehu.

According to what was coming out of the Prime Minister's office for BUA, the Coalition government pledges itself to make the BUA work.

The spokesperson for the Coalition government, Mr. Huni'ehu, said that the government will rename the BUA as the 'Grass Root/ Rural Development Approach'.

He added that those who moved over from the Sogavare government, "the real owners of the BUA", will make up a majority of the original political parties that composed the GCCG.

As a group, the Coalition government will formulate and establish effective ways to ensure successful implementation of the Bottom-Up-Approach policy, Mr. Huni'ehu said.

"The Coalition government will strengthen the Department of National Planning and Aid Coordination to ensure there is a realistic and viable 'National Development Plan."

Mr. Huni'ehu said that recognizing the importance of the role, CNURA will constructively re-engage with donor partners, other stakeholders, the provinces and the national government.

"To facilitate this, we will develop a National Aid Policy," he stated, adding that without a National Infrastructure Policy, most rural areas will miss out on development opportunities.

"The Coalition government will pursue a national infrastructure development plan which involves development of roads, bridges, airfields, wharves and transport framework put in place," said Mr. Huni'ehu.