The Opposition has said that it fully supports the Government's proposed plan to pass a law on political Integrity.

This was revealed by the Opposition leader Manasseh Sogavare.

When asked on the CNURA's intention to adopt a similar Papua New Guinea law under its organic laws, Sogavare said the committee needs to examine how the law based on the PNG model will function in Solomon Islands need for political Integrity if it is passed by Parliament.

He said that there must be mechanisms that will allow provisions in any government to oust the Prime Minister if he is corrupt also adding that it would be a different consideration if the government is corrupt.

He explained that the implications for this Bill would include allowing any government that is corrupt to continue and complete its term in office and urged the working committee to scrutinize the proposed law and supporting regulations before the proposed bill is tabled in parliament.

He said that any corrupt government or Prime Minister in power would be protected by the proposed law because it will prevent members of Parliament crossing the floor enabling another party to take over government.

The former Prime Minister who himself was the first to be ousted in a motion of no confidence in Parliament said that in order to provide a further safeguard the working committee should also introduce mechanisms that would empower the Governor General to have the right to definitely sack the Prime Minister if he is found to be corrupt.

On the other hand, the Opposition Leader said that the proposed law is a way forward for the nation to have political stability and the system will allow any government coming to power to have more time to implement their policies.