The recently sworn in Minister for Rural Development and Indigenous Affairs, Clement Kengava, has lashed out at recent media statements made by the opposition Leader, Fred Fono.

Mr Kengava was referring to criticisms made by Mr Fono against ministers who supported the Prime Minister's boycott of the Forum, labeling them as "ignorant, unacceptable and disrespectful".

He says that despite different political views, the opposition and government should, in both domestic and international politics, maintain a certain level of understanding.

Mr Kengava therefore called on the Leader of Opposition to consider withdrawing the statements he made the over national broadcaster, SIBC.

Kengava went on to say that the cabinet is made up of Ministers who are well qualified in their fields of profession as academics or technocrats, and are also respectable people in their communities.

Mr Kengava says that for the Leader of Opposition to label them as "ignorant" is not expected from the leader of the alternative government - the Opposition.

He says the decision not to attend the Forum is a political one made by the Government of the day in accordance to the Government's stand on RAMSI's review.

Mr Kengava says that for the Opposition to politicize on the Prime Minister's boycott of the Forum only tells the outside world that Solomon Islands is still divided politically on international issues.