The Parliamentary Opposition Group has called on the Government to clarify its proposed plan to create a new State Owned Enterprise (SOE).

The Opposition Group is aware that a company called the Solomon Islands Airport Corporation Limited (SIACL) has been registered as a private company on June 2016 that aims to provide airport transportation services.

The company shareholders are the Minister of Finance & Treasury and the Minister of Aviation & Communication with directors eight directors namely Attorney General James Apaniai, Mckinnie Dentana, Permanent Secretary Finance Harry Kuma, Permanent Secretary MID Henry Murray, Civil Aviation Director George Satu, Permanent Secretary Aviation Moses Virivolomo, Secretary to Prime Minister Joseph Waleanisia and David Wright.

“The Opposition Group is interested to know the objectives of the particular SOE and what airport transportation services the newly established company will provide to the people,” the Opposition statement says.

The Opposition further questioned if this initiative is part of the Aviation Reforms that have been pursued with the Government of New Zealand.

“As a responsible Government, it must provide such relevant information regarding the proposed establishment of the new SOE to avoid public uncertainties.”

“After all, the people of this country ought to know the objectives of the company and how it will contribute to the economic and social development of our country,” it said.

Press Release: Office of the Leader of Opposition