Opposition Leader Manasseh Sogavare says Solomon Islands does not need more leaders but quality politicians and a proper organisation of the governing system in order to achieve its development objectives.

Mr Sogavare was contributing to the parliamentary debate on 'the Constitution Amendment Number Two Bill 2009 yesterday.

The objective of the bill introduced by the prime minister is to increase the minimum number of constituencies from 30 to 50 and increase the maximum from 50 to 70.

Mr Sogavare said what Solomon Islands country needs right now is committed, principled and corrupt-free politicians.

He said the country needs leaders who are committed to duty and a proper organisation of the governing system we currently have to achieve the national development objectives.

Mr Sogavare said unless he is unaware of any changes in the ruling government's policy on the issue of Solomon Islands adopting a federal system of government, the country is financially incapable of running two huge parallel government systems.

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