The Office of the Leader of the Opposition has condemned and expressed concerns over the appointment of Silver Dunga and Fred Soaki to the Ministry’s Lands Board.

In a statement on Wednesday the Opposition stated that these appointments especially, the appointment of Mr. Dunga is strongly being condemned for he was implicated in some of the most controversial land dealings the Ministry has been involved in during his time as Commissioner of Lands.

“These controversial dealings have resulted in the government losing land and money unnecessarily,” the statement said.

The statement went on to say, “while they may have the right qualifications the fact that Mr. Dunga has been implicated in the past should send signals that this is not a person of good standing hence should not be allowed to hold any position in public office.

“It is clear, the fact that the government currently has a lot of important decisions to make on registered land in respect of some of its pressing national projects, hence it is important that the role of the Land Board is unfettered with persons ridded with controversy and potential political influence,” the statement said.

The statement stressed that these appointments reflect the low level of respect that the government has for the important role of the Land Board to ensure that whatever government lands still available are administered to the best interest of the public as a whole.

“This demands persons with little or no vested interest and who appreciate the best interest of the public. Not persons whom have a history of high jacking public interest.

“The Lands Board has by law, been entrusted with the responsibility of looking after all government lands in Solomon Islands and as such, has the vested power and authority to make decisions relating to the planning, acquisition and development of land in the country.

The statement further stressed that to have board members with shady pasts would be a risk to the Land Board and the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey.

The Opposition therefore calls on the government to seriously re-consider the two appointments.

Source: Leader of Opposition Press Release