RAMSI Special Coordinator, Graeme Wilson and Participating Police Force (PPF) Commander, Wayne Buchhorn, welcomed the Leader of the Opposition, Manasseh Sogavare to RAMSI headquarters at the Guadalcanal Beach Resort (GBR) this week.

It was Mr Sogavare's first visit to the base since RAMSI was deployed to Solomon Islands in July 2003.

The Special Coordinator said he welcomed the opportunity to hold an open and constructive dialogue with Mr Sogavare. Topics discussed included the Partnership Framework agreement, RAMSI's development work, and the role of the PPF in strengthening the RSIPF.

"I am very pleased to have been able to welcome the Leader of Opposition to RAMSI's headquarters, Mr Wilson said."

Mr Sogavare said that he was happy to have been able to visit and see RAMSI's operational headquarters first hand.

"This was my first time to visit RAMSI headquarters and I am very happy to have had this opportunity," he said.