Opposition Leader Hon Matthew Wale has lashed out at the Prime Minister following claims he requested PNG police force’s return to provide security for the upcoming Budget Sitting.

The Government has been tight-lipped over the arrival of the forces until photos were leaked on social media that the PNG forces were ready to board the plane to travel to Honiara this morning.

Hon Wale has questioned the Prime Minister why it is necessary for additional forces when we already have our RSIPF, NZ and Australian police personnel on the ground.
The Opposition Leader said it is clear that the Prime Minister is perpetuating to undermining our sovereignty by inviting foreign forces to give him personal political protection.

“Maybe the Prime Minister is not telling us something. It would be shocking if the Prime Minister is trying to use outside forces for his own protection and that of his government. This is an action of a paranoid person who has a guilty conscience and wants protection for his own interests,” he said.

The Opposition Leader said it is a normal Budget Sitting unless the Prime Minister and the government are aware of something people of this country are not aware of.

Hon Wale in a recent media conference has also raised concerns following questions from the media that these foreign forces might be here for sometime to allow government to pursue some of their agendas.

“If the foreign forces are here to aid or abet the government to do what the people do not want, then my call is for the foreign forces to withdraw from this country,” he said.

Hon Wale said foreign forces should not be seen as a platform that would give confidence for the government to push political agendas that are not in the best interest of the people.

The Opposition Leader has also questioned the security framework in which the PNG forces fall under.

“I am aware that the New Zealand and Fijian contingents that came during the riots were invited to participate together with Australia under the provisions of the SI and Australian treaty. The government needs to clarify which arrangement the PNG police force come under,” he said.

The Opposition Group also wrote a letter to Foreign Affairs to clarify the security framework.

Source: Opposition Press