Opposition leader Manasseh Sogavare says Parliament is lost in confusion because it is not in tune with the direction which the country is going.

Speaking on the Constitution Amendment Bill Number Two in Parliament this morning, Mr Sogavare said it appears that Solomon Islands wants to adopt a State Government system modeled on federalism.

He said the country cannot continue to increase national politicians, when it is also talking about adopting a federal system of government.

Mr Sogavare questioned if there has any changes in policy that the government is saying now that the country will no longer pursue the State Government system.

"The truth of the matter is that this country is incapable of running two huge parallel governments systems. You either a small lean Federal government with a selected national portfolios like fiscal policies, monetary policies, foreign relations, police and national security and defence and national coordination. And pass the rest of of the government service deliveries to the State governments."

Mr Sogavare said that should help Parliament to decide the number of national politicians that the country should have at the federal and state levels.

He said in this case the area of growth in politicians and administration should be the State Government.

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