Parliamentary Leader of Opposition, Manasseh Sogavare, appeals to the government and development partners to work together in other sectors to avoid a disastrous economic effect when forestry money runs out.

In his Christmas message, Mr. Sogavare said that it is very important that diversification of the country's development base must be taken onboard now, given the revelation that the country's loggable forest base will run out in 2013.

He said that because of this, he is now calling on the government and development partners to demonstrate some seriousness by availing meaningful financial resources and logistics to the tourism, fisheries and agriculture sectors.

Mr. Sogavare said the current inputs by government into these sectors is far from acceptable.

He said the foreseeable economic future of Solomon Islands is bleak, more so when revenue from logs will run out by 2013.

Mr. Sogavare said the government and donors cannot pay lip service to these concerns and concerted efforts must be taken now.

Source: SIBC