A new government in place will be a new beginning for the nation, states the Opposition group.

Speaking at a press conference today, Edward Huni'ehu said that the 'Coalition for National Unity and Rural Advancement (CNURA)' is about ethical leadership.

"... we have decided that it is time to take over the leadership of our government," Mr. Huni'ehu informed journalists.

He said the CNURA government's committed to leadership that is consultative and responsive, ethical and principled, sensitive and caring, responsible, accountable and visionary and progressive.

Mr. Huni'ehu said two weeks ago, it was the GCC government that held the reins of power and things appeared to be smooth.

He stated that with Sogavare's leadership, many of the Opposition MPs realized that the Prime Minister's heavy-handed style of leadership was simply not working for the country and the people.

He claimed that little revenue collected were spent on luxurious utilities, huge salary hikes, "such that most of the government's monies were spent in Honiara and little was left for the rural people".

Mr. Huni'ehu said that the country is definitely in need of a new government and new leadership, which is "exactly what the Coalition government is going to bring to the country".

He said the Coalition talks about real issues currently happening in the country, and the new government is coming into action for a new beginning in the Solomons after 29 years of independence.

"We pledge to work together with traditional, village, community and church leadership," said Mr. Huni'ehu.

He also said that there is a positive way to lead the country and the Coalition government hopes to move into action for the country.