The Parliamentary Opposition says it has an impressive line-up of Shadow Ministers to take on the watch-dog role of the government.

Newly elected Leader of Opposition and Fataleka M-P Steve Abana has released a list of 23 Shadow Cabinet Ministers yesterday, with himself lined-up as the Shadow Prime Minister.

Speaking to SIBC News yesterday, Opposition Spokesperson, John Keniapisia says the Opposition has a good line-up of professional national leaders.

"The line-up of the various shadow ministries is an impressive one because you can see integrity, you can see capacity, you can see good track record, you can see qualification and the rest of it. So as the alternative government we want to be proactive, the proper watchdog, the effective in Parliament to make sure that government is accountable does its work as expected by the people of Solomon Islands."

On issues which the Opposition will be keeping close watch on, the Opposition spokesperson says, while the Opposition's common policy statement is yet to be released, corruption issues tops the agenda.

"Corruption is one important and high in any role that government plays because government spends and uses and manages resources of the country. Therefore we must ensure through anti-corruption efforts that government manages in a proper way...what's due to the people must get to them."

A draft of the common policy statement is expected to be released before the first session of the current ninth parliament.